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Mission Statement:  To ask why don't we use our technology that is in place by using our Cell Phones?  While this sign is a great attempt to notify the public the criminal might not be on the highway!

This person might be using a side road to avoid detection.  You might say we already have text messages...but may I point out that allot of cell phone users don't have TEXT messages because they cost.

Why do we advertise with pictures?  Why does Real Estate Agents place their pictures next to the listing of their Homes?  Because it works.....

So I ask....Why not include a picture of the missing child and notify the company's users in a specific region?  We can have an additional 100,000 eyes looking for this child.

Here is my letter to Verizon....NO RESPONSE...

Dear Verizon:

I want to convey an enhancement to our Verizon network. I am involved in
my community and had made numerous suggestions and contributions to our
society, with my limited time as I work retail. One of my customers, who
owns Life Touch Pictures has exclusive rights to take Henrico County
School photos of the students from K to 12. They will then keep the
current photos on their data base with a unique number. When an Amber
Alert happens they will be notified by the Police department which will
then check to see if a missing person report has been filed, if so they
will transmit a current photo to any Police agency nationwide.

The following is my enhancement to this idea. As a service let Verizon
take the lead in helping the Police in apprehending and returning the
child to their parents. With the power of the new picture phones we
could transmit the same photo with the description of the car within
hours to every Verizon customer in a geographical area. Just imagine how
many more eyes could be looking for this abduction. It would be an asset
to the Police because almost every area could be under watch. If this
happened to my child I would want every effort made to return my child
home. Wouldn’t you?

The following is just an example of how you could do this. We could do a
rolling alert system where we target 20% of all phone numbers every 1
minute until all phone numbers are reached in a geographical area. This
way we don’t overtax the system, I bet every customer would not mind to
help because it could happen to them.

Just imagine the power of a few hundred thousand eyes looking to help
Police to capture this sick person. In addition what would happen if an
Verizon customer did help? The positive effect would be unmeasurable.

In closing I like to keep my letters to one page, but I cannot do so in
this case, I had the privilege of speaking to Rob McCracken, Murad Ali, and Allen
Weber Verizon Store At BJ's
with my ideas and they have been supportive with this.
So the suggestions is mine and is my intellectual idea’s.

You might say what if my child does not go to Henrico School’s and does
not have Life Touch pictures take a picture. So here are my idea’s

Verizon Amber Alert - When you sign up with Verizon you have the power of
Verizon behind you. You can give us a current picture of your child and
we will keep it in our data base. Once you notify us with the Police we
will assist and notify every Verizon customer that a child abduction has
occurred and we need their help.

You may say this will add a cost to our profit center, true it might but
you can have a Amber Alert unit that is in charge within your company.
This unit will handle the day to day needs of our customers. Just
imagine for a moment what it means to be a good corporate citizen. If we
can help locate a missing child, just one then no amount of money could
replace that moment. We could even ask the government for a grant.

Verizon eyes- This will help the police with any Amber Alert and open the
network in a geographical area to help the Police. Why only help Verizon
customers. The benefit of being an Verizon customer is that the
information of your child is in our data base.

You might say that customers might feel that their numbers would be
given to the Police. Not true, because Verizon would do the notifying and
the numbers contacted would still be in Verizon's control. This system is
better than the Amber Alert system the state has for example. If I am
on I-64 by Willimsburg we’ve lost one hour, but if you notify me by
phone that is one more hour to help find the child. The State of
Virginia will even save money by not putting up more Amber Alert Signs.

In closing I hope you can consider the above as I have given this great
thought. You may call me with any questions you may have.


Ron J. Melancon
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